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2020 Textile Dr., Greensboro, NC 27405

About the Owner

The owner of JMJ Enterprises name is Traci Johnson. Starting JMJ Enterprises has been a life long dream of hers. Traci loves people all shapes and sizes. Traci realizes that all people whether adults or children, have challenges to overcome.

Mission Statement

JMJ Enterprise, seeks to provide a nurturing, compassionate, educational and cultural experience for troubled adolescent or adults that have Mental illness, mental retardation and are developmentally delayed. we believe that our experience and compassion will help foster a learning environment that will help our clients personal growth.

JMJ's goal is to aid our clients in achieving their fullest potential.

Our Goals

• To provide a structured learning environment that is built in a family setting that will help build self esteem and self awareness.

• To provide cultural experiences that will give our clients' a better global perspective.

• To give our residents guidance and support in achieving everyday living skills.

• To provide our clients with the skills they need to function independently.

• To help our clients' face each day with a greater learning expectation.

• Give our client support and guidance in reaching their goals one step at a time.

What makes us special?

Our staff has a unique, way of bringing out the best in individuals who have special needs.

We feel that every potential client deserves a chance.

Our staff has a reservoir of knowledge in dealing with clients that are dual diagnosed and exhibits behavioral problems.

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